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  • The power of an IDEA.

    Kansas City's Center for Innovation, Discovery, Entrepreneurship and Arts welcomes metro K-12 students who are eager to build their skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and math. We created this center because we know every child has a big idea inside. Now they have the place and the people who can help bring them to life.
  • The Power of Community

    Designed to serve students from diverse neighborhoods and varying socioeconomic backgrounds through year-round, hands-on educational experiences — including more than 91,400 Missouri and Kansas public school students who live within eight miles of IDEA Space.
  • The Power of Partnership

    A 32,000 sq. ft. center for STEAM education, IDEA Space broadens and diversifies key workforce development pipelines: skilled trades, engineering, advanced manufacturing and computer science. That's good for the entire region! We partner with school districts, private schools and other educational organizations to provide opportunities to all K-12 students.

  • IDEA Space: Designed for the Future


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