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  • The power of an IDEA.

    Kansas City's center for Innovation, Discovery, Entrepreneurship and Arts is open. IDEA Space welcomes all metro K-12 students  who are eager to build their skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and math. We created this center because we know every child has a big idea inside. Now they have the place and the people who can help bring them to life.
  • The Power of Community

    Designed to serve thousands of students from diverse neighborhoods and varying socioeconomic backgrounds through year-round, hands-on educational experiences.

    More than 91,400 Missouri and Kansas public school students live within eight miles of IDEA Space. We also welcome partnerships with schools and organizations throughout the region.
  • The Power of Place

    A 32,000 sq. ft. center for STEAM education, IDEA Space broadens and diversifies pipelines into four key workforce development areas: skilled trades, engineering, advanced manufacturing and computer science.

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  • The Power of Partnership

    It’s a big IDEA. It’s innovative. And ambitious. We invite you to be part of Kansas City’s future through a partnership that will make an astonishing impact right now and into the future.

IDEA Space Blog

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  • The Time for Accessible STEAM Education is Now

    Shane Foster, President
    The COVID-19 pandemic has created the largest disruption to schooling in recent times. Student learning losses and mental wellness issues threaten this generation and will greatly impact the educational and social maturation of millions of children. 

    This unparalleled disruption to education is far from over. To prevent this learning crisis from becoming a generational catastrophe, we must act urgently.

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